Having an elegant nail art on the fingertips is never a stranger to any, but not suitable for all occasion? Worry no more, because we are here to give you tips on having the best nail art for all occasion. From girls night out to corporate dinner! 

We can put on something else regular on our beautiful nail but doing it every day is truly inconvenience. Don’t worry because today's offer is to share you a few wild nails, with its shape free ride, with it can help you to hold with an assortment of styles!


The first type: exposed pink x nail penetrate stickers

Candid and calm uncovered pink, so that your fingers dimly about a sweet air, looks pretty young lady.

The second type: nude colour x blue and green

Low-key nude colour coupled with noble blue-green, simple and yet noble, that is absolutely suitable for office female workers, it even suitable for attending grand dinner.


The third type: white x blossoming nail

White to the edge of the nail stickers, looks dazzling with somewhat sweet, so that all the ladies’ fingertips look delightful~

The fourth type: apricot x Chanel hair design

This is completely wild and not that prominent, I do actually feel this is more appropriate for working family ladies, that is basic with a respectable feeling.

Posted Date :24-3-2017