No one can ever get bored of flowers! Let your fingertips full of spring

Benefit as much as possible from the climax to begin it!

It is said that the young ladies will be softened by blossoms. Blooms can draw out the young lady's delicate feeling and crisp feeling, particularly the personality. To me, I realized that some Korean dry bloom nail, delicate and the feeling of the nature. These dried blooms perfect and lovely, you will definitely love it without any doubts.



Style 1: Light nail shading, stick whatever that you like and then add on some little dry blossoms. Purple and white little dried blooms, demonstrating a perfect and different kind of feeling. With the little gems on it, a couple of brilliant dots, for this nail painting to include indulgence air.


Style 2: Straightforward shading foundation, year on the yellow and blue little dried blossoms. To me, a little yellow blossoms is warm and sprightly, additionally draw out the brilliant blue. Such a match to shape a shading level, additionally to accomplish the surprising visual impacts.


Style 3: Pure white and pink dried blooms, truly full of the feeling of the goddess! Completely clear nails, truly can include the feeling of joy for the mind-set. Little bloom blossom example and shape, more highlights to the excellence of nature.


Style 4: This nail is categorically a delicate characteristic of a super women personality! Each of the fingertips of the dry blossom show configuration, are exceptionally configuration sense. Silver nail adornments additionally with a hint of highborn feeling of it Unequivocally prescribed to need to take the develop style of young ladies.

Posted Date :24-3-2017