Girl's favourites always!

Not satisfied with the feature of your face? Feeling getting a bit big? It’s just a small matter, do let me to bring 10 types of hairstyle which make your feature looks more perfect and small!!

1. The most common long hair, when you are hesitating to choose between long or short hair, the professional hair stylish will advise you to choose long hair, because it will make your 

2. Modifying the level of the face

In accordance with the face, cutting out the layer and level of the amount of hair can bring to balancing to play the role of making your feature face in a longer shape, especially the length of the long hair, above the chin can emphasize the curvature of the jaw to make the face look longer and smaller.

3. .” Thin Bangs”

“Tidy thick bangs” will make your face chubbier and round, suggest that tidy bangs should balance with the level of the long hair. As the hottest “air bangs”, if you want to cut “thin bangs”, it’s a must to notice the middle and both short sides in order to achieve face-lift effect.

4. The unbalanced bobo style

Recompose the bobo style into the back of your hair short and the front long can make your face look smaller and segregation your hair to both sides will make your face longer as well. Similar to this picture, is one of the popular hairstyle of many girls are trying to imitate.

5.Partial Segregation

Just like Yoona, this type of hairstyle could soften the line of your face, and your face wouldn’t look so round. 

6.Updo hairstyle with broken hair

As long as the face around the hair will make the face looks smaller, even with ponytail, as long as pulling out a few strands of hair is useful as well.

7.High updo hairstyle

The favourite of the female star, of course it can be use in daily lifestyle, just like Fan Bing Bing such high updo hairstyle to increase the length of the face and to increase the attention.

8.Gentle waves

The type of straight hair makes the head look smaller, but the face will look wider. The professional recommends not to pick small curls, what you need is a fluffy long curly hair to perfect your feature face.

9.Light hair colour

Focus on the vertical direction, so that your face can look smaller, just like the Japan actress, Nishino Kana who usually used light hair colour, a good interpretation of the light hair colour.

10.Veins texture

Choosing a veins hairstyle, too thick or straight hair will make the face look chubbier.


Although it's common hairstyles but these hairstyle could match with our face featre and make us chubbier, hope girls like it.

Posted Date :11-4-2017