Some simple tips for hair care without spending a penny!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to promote any hair care product. Instead of promoting those hair care products, I am going to share 4 most convenient and fastest way about hair care without using single penny!


1. Usually people don’t comb their hair before they wash it, but it is a MUST to comb your hair before washing it

In fact, people don’t know that comb hair, will disappear all the dust and greasy hair. Also, if your hair is knotted, you must comb it before shampooing, so that your hair can grow naturally and healthy.


2.  Don’t just wet your hair and simply shampooing it! The good way is, first wash t with warm water remember to wash the hair and scalp that is dirty , and then applying shampoo and flush, massage your scalp but not scratch it because it will cause bacterial infection or more dandruff!


An extra warm advice: Warm water will only do the good job! Don’t wash your hair with hot water!


3.Go to bed with your hair wet is DEFINITELY, ABSOLUTELY a wrong action!

When your hair is wet, the cuticles are open, it will easily get injured by the pillow, bed or bed sheets. It will also damage to your fragile hair or cause your fragile hair become drier, so remember to dry your hair completely before you go to bed!

4. Apply a complete of hair care sunblock

Maybe people don’t like to applying any sunblock products on hair, if that’s the case people should bring along an umbrella or wear a hat to prevent the exposure of ultraviolet rays which will damage to your hair. This is one of the way to protect our hair. 


5. We should pay more attention to our daily lifestyle routine

We need to have enough of rest and sleep because lack of sleep will increase the hair scalp oil, we need to cut down of eating oily, spicy, or sour foods and we need to drink plenty of water. This will help to reduce the formation of oily hair and scalp peeps!


This is the easy and convenient way for hair care, if you don’t want to waste too much of money on your hair, then follow these  steps to own a natural and beauty hair!

Posted Date :12-4-2017