2017 3 most popular men hair cut!

1. The all-back and hair bun style

Speaking of this hair style, we will automatically think of rock and roll style. Their most common and people always remember of are rigid image, nowadays, this hair style image give people a brand new of image which can related to our life quotation, “hardcore” is somehow a kind of living style! The trend of waxing hair started to become a trend since 2016 till now, all the boys are combing this hair style!

There’s many type of hair waxing, in order to wax a good hair style, you must have a common thing that is keeping the top hair as thick as you can!

This hair style is just fit to the specific groups: sports, people who sweat always, saving water resource and people who are not good with hair dryer. Recently, the representative of the most charming male, Ryan Reynolds, this kind of hair style named as Skinhead, maybe it’s quite rare for boys to read fashion magazine but you should have noticed that its getting more boys are attaching with the Skinhead. Or maybe you should give it a try to surprise people around you and give yourself a brand-new kind of look!


Shave and keep the both sides of the hair short, exposing the halving line and then wax or comb your hair to one side, you also can wax your hair according to your hair presence or shape. If you see the handsome you appear in the mirror when or after you wax your hair, don’t forget to follow and give us a LIKE. By the way, after waxing this type of hairstyle, go and head and try to accost some hotties!


2. Hardcore gentleman hairstyle

Suitable for specific groups: who is single and available, office workers and heavy wax lovers. The overall look gives people a kind of steady, mature feeling. But the length of the hair of this hairstyle will be a little difficult to manage, have to spend more time and a lot of qualitative spray to get this hairstyle done.


Using the hair wax to comb the hair upward, and with the short hair on the both sides makes this hairstyle looks tidy, clean and smart!

3. Medium Long Hairstyle

Suitable for specific groups: loafer or light waxing lover

As the matter of fact, I do admire those medium long hairstyle lovers because this type of hairstyle does have to keep their hair at a certain length. To do that, they will have to experience a few months of hair length embarrassment and the annoy of the hair stabbed to own eyes. But this hairstyle does look just fit enough to some of the people like Chris Hemsworth.

Tying up man’s bun can be handsome and charming enough. Some even keeping their hair long to donate their hair to the cancer patients, how meaningful it is! Believe me, what I introduced wouldn’t go wrong, and it’s worth to give it a try!

Posted Date :13-4-2017