4 Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

The human body is made of muscles, and it is made to move. However, due to the advancement and increasingly modernised and industrialised lifestyle, it means that we people are getting less physical activity these days, predisposing us to various diseases, especially cardiovascular disease. Back in the 80's when mobile phone has yet to be introduces, people would need to walk from street to street to find for public phones. But look at days now, all we need to do is just stretch our hands, or dig into pur pocket, we would have easily get our mobile phones.

To reduce the risk getting diseases that you are exposed, the solution is pretty simple, but hard to execute due to our lack of determination, which is – Exercising regularly. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that we should at least spend 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day and five days a week.

Here are some tips to fit exercise into your daily routine.
1. Work out efficiently. 
Pick an exercise that you can do almost anywhere. Ideally the exercise shouldn’t require much preparation or equipment while enabling you to achieve significant physical gains in a short period of time. Some of the great examples include: high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata training, and body weight exercise. Hit the gym regularly, or you can even do it in house. Exercise like squat, leg raise, sits up are all simple exercise that can be executed in house. 

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2. Use a fitness app. 
Fitness apps give you freedom to pick when and how you want to work on your health. Not only does it provide guidance in the form of illustrations and animation on how to perform a workout properly, it also serves as a reminder to exercise. One more thing! Get yourself a health apps. It helps to calculate the amount of steps you took for the day, the floor you climb, the distance you walk, your nutrition, body fats and etc. Other than a full body check up, this is a pretty samrt apps to keep track of your health condition daily as well!

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3. Choose an exercise that you hate the least. 
Choosing a form of exercise that fits your lifestyle and personality helps you to stick to it easier. Don’t be afraid to experimenting with different exercise, from walking, dancing, and yoga, until you find what works best for you. In case if you had never try any sports, just give it a try on different type of exercise, or perhaps try to kickstart your fitness life from a much more fun sports such as dancing, pilates or exercise that involve your favourite music!

Imej yang berkaitan Imej yang berkaitan

4. Break your workout into smaller sessions. 
Eventhough the recommendation is to exercise 30 minutes on most days of the week, it doesn’t mean you cannot workout in shorter durations. Three 10-minute sessions during the day are alsmot as beneficial as a half hour session. With an effective programme, and done frequently enough, short and speedy workouts can do wonder for both the body and mind.

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Make exercise and workout a part of your lifestyle where you couldn't miss it daily! Well, other than working out, do know that food and beverage that you decide to eat does effect your health as well. So, rememeber! 

1. Workour and exercise regularly
2. Stay away from TOO MUCH snacks
3. Less sugar

Be the healthy one and affect your surrounding people. Be the leader and the trendsetter of a healthy lifestyle. Do stay tune to our page for more beauty tips in the near future!


Posted Dated: 25-10-2017