Good news for fans of black and white colour! Highly recommended Minimalist!

Lately, Minimalist is extremely getting hot and famous ! Due to it is not exaggerating and it shows the beauty of nature. Let me show you how to Minimalist your fingertips here.

1.Put three monochromatic colors on the nails, instead of the appearance of the monochromatic colors shows monotous, it shows the beauty of simple ~


2.Simple also can be looked great too, in a piece of the nail paint a dark edge, after that at the appointed nail paint on a simple pattern or design. And it will look simple but marvellous as well!


3. If you are willing to invest some energy and time on the nails, five nails distinctive painting is certainly not an issue, make great utilization of the standard of lines and shapes, you can have an extraordinary decent look, fingernail it!


Posted Date :14-3-2017