ITS TIME! 2018 Top Hair Style to Get For Your SUMMERTIME! (Short Hairstyle)


Getting ready for summe (or not), lots of girls has been wondering what will be the hit for hairstyle in 2018!

You must be wondering that why short hair style have been in the trend for quite sometime, and here I am telling you short hair style in the trend for 2018 AGAIN.

Well, that's because short hair style will never be OUT OF STYLE. 

Trust me, and you could be the next fashionista. Let's move on and see what is the few that you can go for.  


 2018夏季流行发型 清爽短发一定是首选

1. Extreme Layered Boy Cut 

  Surviving in a all year summer-like country, this extreme layered short hair is definitely what all girls crave for. Getting it cut like a boy cut, it is not just simply colling and edgy, it also brings out a female kind of manly-ness. I would say that it doesn't lose the feminine temperament, still brings out lots of charm in you.  

Worrying that it may be to boyish for you? Nahhh... you think too much! As long is remains its layering and fringe at eyebrow length I am pretty sure it will look great!

Just look which korean celebrity has been flattering all her fans with this hair!


Imej yang berkaitan  Imej yang berkaitan

Yeap! It's Go Joon Hee who are widely known for her extreme short hair during one of her drama! She definitely is the trend setter for this hairstyle!



 2018夏季流行发型 清爽短发一定是首选

2. Buckle Short Hair

  The classical buckle short hair was once the must have hair style in the century of  "The Great Gatsby".

Going through the tunnel of centuries, buckle short hair is now AGAIN one of the must try hairstyle for at least once in your lifetime!

Match with an airy fringe cut and the inner curl at the tail increases the fashion index dramatically. But! Take note that if you have a relatively short forehead, perhaps ypu should go for a middle parting or side parting instead. It gives more a feminine style, bringing maturiry and some hotness! While airy fringe brings more cuteness in you.


Imej yang berkaitan  Imej yang berkaitan





 2018夏季流行发型 清爽短发一定是首选

3. Ear Length Cut

  Out of all the short hair style, ear length cut is most probably the most widely seen in girls in this coming summer!

Having this ear length short cut, it is more likely building an image that is refreshing and sweet.

You do not need much of styling and it will already look extremely great by just using your fingers to smoothen it. 


 2018夏季流行发型 清爽短发一定是首选

4. Bob Haircut 

  BOB has never been out of style evern since the beginning of 2017, and yet in 2018 BOB hairstyle will bring up another trend wave is the summertime.

With your hair length parallel to your chin or slightly higher with slight inner curl, it gives an effect of a smaller and slimmer face.

Match with airy fringe cut, it is a definite cuteness that will attract the eye of people on the streer. 

Still hesitating to chop of your hair or not?
Give it a try and be bold for once in your lifetime girl. Quickly chop off your out of style hairstyle already!
I am pretty sure your instagram follower will increase significantly, and you'll be rocking all kind onf instagram-worthy places with your short hairstyle!
Posted Dated: 21-11-2017